Tony Ruth’s Equity Series (2019)

Created originally for the 2019 Design in Tech Report and re-featured in the 2020 CX Report.

The secondary type has been updated for higher contrast.

Tony Ruth has adjusted the contrast of the images for his Equity series and he’s offered to make them fully available in two versions: 1/ with the credit line, and 2/ clean of credit. They’re available as a set of four images to be used however the world sees fit.

1/ Inequality means being born on the wrong side of the tree versus the better side.
2/ Equality means trying to reconcile equity by giving an equal solution to both.
3/ Equity means knowing that there’s a right-sized solution to each individual.
4/ Justice means working to correct the system itself — e.g. tackling systemic racism.

To learn more about designer and illustrator Tony Ruth and his work, visit Business Town Tumblr.

Barbara Chai Interview

I work with Barbara Chai (former WSJ) at Publicis Sapient and she always asks the best questions.

20-minute interview with Barbara Chai about the 2020 CX Report.