Five Days Before CX Report Initial Launch

I’m way behind on getting the CX Report done but the entire world’s been COVID-19-ized so that’s ooooookay. Because it’s quite minor when considering how the world’s managing a global pandemic at a major scale. This year I’ve commissioned Tony Ruth to provide a few Public Service Announcements on behalf of the earth and democracy […]

CX versus UX via Jared Spool

Design guru Jared Spool has an excellent post on the subject of the difference between CX (Customer Experience) and UX (User Experience) over here. He argues along the same lines as I’ve ascertained (Jared’s always a few years ahead of me!!!) that the root discipline of Marketing owns CX and traditionally advocated on behalf of […]

Hello world!

I was hanging out with Mailchimp’s Gene Lee on May 10, 2019 to share the Design in Tech Report — and while we were monkeying around, we talked a lot about the opportunity around “CX” as the better term to drive out there. I think I left Mailchimp with a different C in mind than […]