Is the X of CX = “Customer Expectation” instead of Customer Experience?

I had a convo with an incredible CMO today about the difference between delight and effort, and she rephrased it as the difference between “experience” and “expectation.” A customer expects the effort to be low — as tablestakes. In that case, the customer equates this with the “design.” Unfortunately most designers equate “design” with the […]

Quality, Speed, Price

With computation, it’s possible to not be limited to the old adage of, “Quality (Good), Speed (Fast), Price (Cheap/Cost): You get to pick just two.” Oddly, it’s possible to break the general rule around this traditional triad. This is a draft of a chart that I’m going to be noodling over the coming months. —JM

Hello world!

I was hanging out with Mailchimp’s Gene Lee on May 10, 2019 to share the Design in Tech Report — and while we were monkeying around, we talked a lot about the opportunity around “CX” as the better term to drive out there. I think I left Mailchimp with a different C in mind than […]