What is the CX Report?

What is the CX Report?

The CX Report gathers trends related to how business now happens in the computational era. It will be inaugurated at SXSW in 2020.

The CX Report got started as the Design in Tech Report.

Watch the 2019 Design in Tech Report on YouTube.

What is CX?

“CX” is Customer Experience as transformed by Computational Experiences. The “C” to care about the most these days is Computation because it’s profoundly impacting Commerce, Culture, and Community. Read How To Speak Machine to get the basics of computation, to start — and then come back in March 2020 to see what this report all becomes!

Why should you care about CX?

What we consume today as customers is being impacted by computational forces at the speed of Moore’s Law. Business is needing to transform faster than it has ever needed to achieve before. And organizations are trying to figure out how what it all means — and it’s a bit messy out there.