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I was hanging out with Mailchimp’s Gene Lee on May 10, 2019 to share the Design in Tech Report β€” and while we were monkeying around, we talked a lot about the opportunity around “CX” as the better term to drive out there. I think I left Mailchimp with a different C in mind than Gene, but let’s see where this all goes.

Notes from hanging with Gene:
  • What are objective measures of a quality experience?
  • Instead of “process” to say “how do we work?”
  • I of (I)ndependence versus I of (I)nterdependence.
  • Empowerment without experience isn’t good.
  • Accountability can’t simply be handed off.

Career Path


Thoughts that came later:

Legible Craft
No Narrative Needed

Hidden Craft
Narrative Needed**

**At times, Apple is largely all-narrative.

f(x) vs f'(x) vs f”(x), and “Change fast” = “Acceleration” = f”(x)

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