2020 CX Report (FULL)


The 82-minute (close to an hour and a half) YouTube LIVE version is available via YouTube, or you can watch it inline as well below.

The 2020 CX Report was released on May 22, 2020 with roughly 300 people attending live from around the world. It’s received roughly 1,000 views per day.
  • What kind of tooling differentiates the marketing tech stack and the product tech stack?
  • How do you speak machine? And how does that change product development?
  • Tech companies excel at Light, Ethical, Accessible, and Dataful experiences, or “LEAD.”
  • Why do we need to consider Society Centered Design and Responsible Innovation today?
  • Is the speed of digital transformation correlated with gender pay gap imbalances?

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2020 CX Report in 13½ Minutes

This version is a super-condensed summary of the CX Report. You can watch the 82-minute extended version delivered LIVE over here.

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