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Blue Pill? Red Pill? As Photos

Content Warning: If you are triggered by images of medicine, then please hit the back button.


I was recently reminded that if you don’t know The Matrix trilogy you won’t know what I’m talking about. It’s a metaphor for the bliss of ignorance (blue) or the searing heat of reality (red). So, go take your pick of a blue pill or red pill from the 2020 CX Report. And please keep in mind that medicine is not a toy, and this is simply artwork that I created from my medicine cabinet of OTC allergy meds.

Blue or Red?
Blue! Karadashev I to III
Red. Karadashev III to V

Closeups in case you can’t see the Easter eggs …

Blue pill is bliss.
Red pill is the truth.

2020 CX Report in 13½ Minutes
This version is a super-condensed summary of the CX Report. You can watch the 82-minute extended version delivered LIVE over here.

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Blue Pill?
Red Pill?
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