Making Of The 2020 CX Report

My basement YouTube studio has been busy! With two HDMI capture cards, five computers, and a partridge in a pear tree the CX Report went “video-first” without a hitch!

If you’re wondering how this report was made, it’s the amalgam of many things I see through the period of twelve months between reports — that I sort, annotate, and try to make sense of somehow. Enjoy the 2020 CX Report! It’s what I call a “first pancake” — it’s not quite perfect, but it tastes like something. And it’s a step towards greater understanding of WHY we all need to speak machine. Even if un poco.

There’s no logic to how I placed these roles and owners when made them into a pile. I’m just a fan of team photos :+). I’ve been lucky to get a solid feel across all of these communities to know that when they work together, happy customers happen.


The Making Of The CX Report

You’re still here?

—Ferris Bueller

My various piles that comprise the CX Report are free for you to rummage through. I hope to revisit them when I recover from this annual side hobby of mine. It’s a habit that I’ll eventually give up, I think.

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2020 CX Report in 13½ Minutes
This version is a super-condensed summary of the CX Report. You can watch the 82-minute extended version delivered LIVE over here.

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