Five Days Before CX Report Initial Launch

I’m way behind on getting the CX Report done but the entire world’s been COVID-19-ized so that’s ooooookay. Because it’s quite minor when considering how the world’s managing a global pandemic at a major scale.

This year I’ve commissioned Tony Ruth to provide a few Public Service Announcements on behalf of the earth and democracy — as encouraged by my mentor Joan Shigekawa. Those will be coming as you can see in sketch form on one of the starting slides labeled as “EARTH.”

The theme of the CX Report 2020 is centered around the infinity symbol — which is something I’ve long been fascinated with, for all too long to remember. It was the theme for my new book How To Speak Machine, which lays out three alien-like properties of computation that transform how products get made today in three ways.

On this upcoming Thursday I plan to drop the section marked in red towards the end. It’s an appendix themed around Remote Work — which you can see is something I’m not really too far on yet. So my evenings will definitely be all-nighter-y as I head towards this Thursday. Here goes! —JM


The 12-question survey remains open to May 12, 2020. If you participate there’s an option to put your name into the final report.

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