Back in 2016 I launched a project to collect stories on the topic of inclusion on — it was to mark my joining Automattic as the “Global Head of Computational Design and Inclusion.” That site appears to have closed down after I left. But I am so 🙏 grateful to the waybackmachine for the archive that is still up there! The stories that have stayed with me over the years are included below — they continue to make me think. Enjoy these powerful writings by:

Jules Walter, Cassidy Blackwell, Kevin Bethune, Kat Holmes, Mitch Resnick, Jewel Burks, Caroline Sinders, Saron Yitbarek, John Palfrey, Ash Huang, Samantha Hankins, Alisha Ramos

New to thinking and acting inclusively?

Tony Ruth’s 2019 series on Inequality, Equality(?), Equity, Justice is a terrific primer.