If We Can Automate Asleepness, Can We Automate Awakeness?

For Venture Beat / June 2020

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It feels senseless to talk about the latest tech gadget or tech startup when we consider how the world has been rightfully ignited by instant exposure to recent tragic acts of violence on Black humanity. But when faced with the opportunity to speak to a tech audience, I find it hard to turn down. Why? Because the tech world represents a relatively small community of people who know how to speak machine. And because we are digitally privileged, we embody the potential to automate more harm than good — or to automate more good than harm.


1000 Perspectives On Who Should Really Own Customer Experience

In 140-chars or less, in your organization who really should be accountable for “customer experience”?

2020 CX Report Participation Survey Write-in Question

I’ve gathered close to a thousand samples of points of view on customer experience that distill a bunch of thoughts across many voices from around the world. Keep in mind that the collection of voices below is heavily biased towards a “designer or researcher” point of view in the rough ratio of:

  • 71% design or researcher
  • 20% product or biz owner
  • 9% engineer or tech

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