1000 Perspectives On Who Should Really Own Customer Experience

In 140-chars or less, in your organization who really should be accountable for “customer experience”?

2020 CX Report Participation Survey Write-in Question

I’ve gathered close to a thousand samples of points of view on customer experience that distill a bunch of thoughts across many voices from around the world. Keep in mind that the collection of voices below is heavily biased towards a “designer or researcher” point of view in the rough ratio of:

  • 71% design or researcher
  • 20% product or biz owner
  • 9% engineer or tech

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“I’m more of a designer or researcher”

100% of everyone. Accountability means paying attention.
99% of the company
A balanced team of Design, PM and Engineer. Everyone.
A centralized team that is empowered by the CEO to influence teams across the entire customer lifecycle.
A collaboration between marketing, sales, customer support, and design.
A collective
A combination of customer success, product, and marketing.
A cross functional team keeping a bird’s eye view on what work by different product teams amounts to
A dedicated individual leading a team working cross-functionally across Marketing, Design (+EPD), and Sales
A designated executive reporting to CEO with the organization embedded in all departments
A high ranking officer for sure. CXO
A lead within the design, marketing, or research discipline that works closely with c-suite
A mix between sales, design and product. We are a small startup though, so everyone contributes.
A mixed dpt with marketing, product, design, r&d and sales people.
A more distrubted team with ux “evanglist” on each team that would advocate for human focused actions and intentions. I’ll say everybody tbh
A product team who understands experience
A separate team of PMs, Designers and researchers who work and pitch holistic solutions – Customer Satisfaction, Consistency & Growth
a transversal team uniting operations, experience design team, marketing, communication and IT people
Absolutely every person representing the organization.
Accountability for CX should be the province of the people who actually deal with customers: sales, support, service.
Accountability should be shared between any and all teams who contribute to the customer experience.
actually i think everybody in the company should be customer focussed and we need and do have some CX/UX Experts
All aspects of the organization.
All client facing staff.
All delivery teams: Engineers, PMs (project and Product), Designers and Testers, together.
All departments who interact directly with the customers. But they should be properly aware of it.
All design team
All disciplines – Product Managers, Designers (UX + UI), Account…
All effort counts. Should be everyone’s duty, but for many CX is just a fancy buzz word.
all employee
All employees
All employees should feel accountable for the customer’s experience; UX leadership should define how to measure success.
All employees, more emphasis on ones that plan, design, develop, test, support the product.
all facing-client and supporting-client employees play a role in CX
All functions
All of us
All of us
all of us, we are very small
All parties should care and fuss over the things that make people love what you make
All people working on projects have the responsability to make their project perfect for the customer.
All relevant stakeholders
All should be responsible for customer experience. It should come from bottom-up and bottom-down. All should see the value of a great CX.
All staffs
All team members should be thinking of the health, ease of use, and integrity of our customer experience.
All the employee should have this mindset of ”customer experience”so that the whole team can be on the same page and no more argue
All the organization should be accountable
all the world
All workers
An intersection of product, engineering, design and operations
An unified team including design, development, and product with deep partnership from call center, logistics, retail, and marketing.
Any project owner or product manager
Anyone and everyone who is accountable for delivering of facet of the service or product experience.
Anyone who directly or indirectly influences a product. Designers+Technologists+Content+Consultants + CX focused Culture
As a consultancy, 3 people. The CEO. The partner selling/overseeing. And a Strategic Designer
As an exp design co – all, but for different aspects. A single owner needs to coord biz, tech, design
As I am both the CEO and the UX Designer, it’s me who is accountable – and also the one who sells our work through terms like UX and CX
As it is one woman show…it s just me and everything and everyone that works with me as a service provider that helps me build my business
As its just me its me
At the end of the day, everyone in the company should be responsible for customer experience.
Being a free agent: Me. Just me.
Board member, GM
Both customer facing functions as well as those who are supporting the processes that affect how we get to interface the customers, i.e. IT
Both of co-founders
Brand, marketing and the digital organization which includes UX, Engineering and Product
BU representatives who engage customers
Business Development
Business Development, who both has a good understanding of in-house capabilities as well as external partners strength, needs and weakness.
Business team, include Marketing/Sales, and R&D team, include PM/Designer/Engs
C-suite down to operations
Can any one role really be entirely accountable for something that cuts across everything?
CDO (chief design officer) because they’re looking over the whole consumer products ecosystem and our CMO
CEO (god is almighty)
CEO +  entire board
CEO and the most senior design leader
Ceo, branding and UX
CEO, Business Strategists and Human Resources too
CEO, COO and Chief Strategy Officer
CEO, Directors, they are very very old school.
CEO, PMs, Designers
CEO, UX designer, Service designer
Chief customer executive.
Chief Customer Experience function pulling in experts when needed. Everybody day to day though.
Chief Customer Experience Officer
Chief Design Officer
Chief design officer reporting directly to CEO
Chief Design Officer, Chief Experience Officer
Chief Experience Officer
Chief Experience Officer
Chief Experience Officer
Chief Experience Officer (which doesn’t exist), product owners, and every employee.
Clinical staff interfaces directly in person and virtually with our consumers
Combination of design, product management, sales, and customer support/post sales.
Communicators, Researchers, Leadership
consultant, presales team and account team
conversations and correspondence between clients and myself
CPO, VP of Product
Creative and account/sales should handle, they are complementary to the cust experience
Creative Director with the CEO
Creative team.
Cross functional teams from across the business
Cross-functional organization unifying all touchpoints – sales, marketing, product (design/engineering), support…
CS (support and satisfaction) providing information to UX who can research and share with product who with sales, decide the roadmap
cto cdo
Cultura com o compromisso de entender e ter a empatia com o cliente independente de gênero, classe ou raça.
Customer Experience Director
Customer experience is no longer a business function.
Customer experience should be accountable by one champion-leader whose passion is to align all in customer-centricity; w/ top-down support
Customer experience should be an ambition carried by the design team.
Customer experience unit responsible for CX
Customer Service and Product
CX and UX is always a Leadership Role – augmented by Design, Engineering, Operations and Marketing/Sales. Can be slightly delegated
CX is a mindset that underpins great products and services. It should be addressed at the company culture level.
cx is a shared responsibility, driven by the top but enabled by every employee, accountability is in everyday decision taken at any level.
Cx is dna
CX should be part of the LT at the level of CEO, CDO, CTO etc…
CX should be the main focus of the company. Anyone should be able to provide ideas and have them reviewed by people who build the product.
CX staff
CX Team
CX team
CX team, which is a combination of Product, Design and Tech. Person responsible is CXO.
Dedicated exec-level that can oversee all customer touchpoints. This would be marketing, sales, support, event planning, tech doc., etc.
defend that everyone is responsible, but there are representatives of the subject distributed by the structure
Delivery and Project Management along with project teams
Design + Marketing with a clear RACI project level ownership
Design + Product + Marketing
Design and product
Design and Product
Design and research and then product
Design and research but working cross functionally
Design backgrounds I believe are made for the task and on a team must be working with any underlying tech that may fundamentally impact CX
Design Director
Design division, Marketing division, Sales people, and so on
Design Executive Officer (to quote Maria Giudice)
Design is like math. Everyone should have the mindset, sometimes, you need a specialist.
Design Leader / Director
Design Leaders
Design leadership
Design Manager, Product Designer
Design should own customer experience related metrics.
Design Studio/group
design team
design team
Design Team
Design Team and the product owners
Design team, with sufficient backing of the leadership. Include designers in the beginning of project and not at the end.
Design teams with 0-3,3-5, and 5-10 year time frames.
Design, conception
Design, engineering and product teams working together.
Design, Marketing, Engineering, Manufacturing and Procurement.
Design, Operations
Design, Product, Engineering
Design, Research, Tech, Product, Customer Care
Design, Sales, Marketing, Support
Design, sales, R&D
Design, Tech, Ethics and Innovation Strategy
Design, the user, and the CEO
Design+Product teams collectively own the customer experience. Post purchase & delivery exp for e-com is also owned by the CE teams.
Designers and client leads
designers and engineers
Designers and researchers
Designers should be accountable for that because they can set up a visible concept that t a company has to provide customer with.
Director of Customer Experience
Director of Design
Director of Design
Driven by a customer leader, guided by a CX committee, all employees should feel empowered and responsible for the customer experience
Each member of the org. should be accountable for customer experience.
Editorial team, design team, product team.
Engineering, which consists of developers and UI designers, and Graphic Designers.
Entire executive sweet and product/service leads.
Entire organisation should be accountable for customer experience
Entire organization should be accountable for “customer experience”
every aspect of the team should be accountable for customer experience. we can no longer work in silos thinking one person/group is
Every department involved in the experience
Every department is responsible for the journey of the customer with the company, it’s like passing the baton of customer experience
Every Department needs to be CX oriented, but each one can contribute in a different way
Every employee and stakeholder should be accountable for customer experience
Every employee in the organization
Every employee is.
Every employee.
Every facet of organization
every one, i’m woorking on diffusing the human centered design culture in the oganization
Every part of the organisation will require a certain degree of ownership. From CEO to the Guard
Every partner but most importantly the founder and director of operations
Every Person associated with my company/ services  incl clients/where applicable my students. As a virtually company for 8 years.
Every person in the company
Every person who is involved in decisions that affect the “thing” the customer uses, essentially everyone except G&A.
Every single collaborator should be accountable for CX.
Every single employee participates on delivering customer experiences
Every single employee, coz everyone is contributing to the experience of products that we build
Every single employee, from CEO to designers and researchers.
Every single person
Every stakeholder whose decision-making has a significant impact on cx
Every team member as we are having a small team and the product has just launched.
Everybody is in some way responsible. Most important are the designers who engage with clients and end clients/ users.
Everybody of our organisation should have customer experience in mind in order to support the business finally. Taking the long term view.
Everybody should acknowledge that part of their work has the potential to affect the customer, and strive to refine that part of their work
Everybody should be accountable. Everybody helps build it with different points of view.
Everybody should be accountable. We all contribute to the customer experience for both our partners and our contributors.
Everybody should be somewhat accountable for CX. I believe there should be some kind of CX related KPI for each employee/team.
Everybody, but Academic Director
Everybody, but design seems to always have a bettter pulse on what the end user. is really looking fo, attempting to achieve, etc.
Everybody. It’s a shared responsibility that needs individual explanations.
Everybody. Understanding AND solving customer problems, is the aim.
everyone – but specifically the person(s) who can weave together all key functions that cover every touchpoint with a customer
Everyone – we all need to truly understand who are customers are – their challenges and joys – and where our products fit into their lives.
Everyone -driven by a cross-functional team (design, r&d, marketing…)
Everyone from front desk admin to interns to CEO. Being human centered means walking that talk every day.
Everyone has a responsibility since everyone in an organisation at some point or other meets a customer.
Everyone in a company like infosys
everyone in the company
Everyone in the company plays some role in CX.
Everyone in the entire organization should be accountable for CX
Everyone in the org has to ensure customer experience is at its best for our customers. No one gets to skip out of that task.
Everyone in the org should understand how their work contributes to the CX.
Everyone in the organization should be accountable for customer experience as we are in the CX business.
Everyone in the organization.
Everyone in the product team
Everyone in the UX team
Everyone in their own domain is responsible for the customer experience. No matter our area we should always keep the user in mind.
Everyone involved in keeping the business relevant through the time…
Everyone is accountable for the customer experience and can contribute ideas to improve user life experiences.
Everyone is accountable, but I am a studio/consultancy of 1
Everyone is accountable, but those who are interacting with, delivering to, and supporting our customers are key to their experience.
Everyone is accountable. We all represent the brand to the customer at different touchpoints across the ecosystem.
Everyone is responsible for CX
Everyone is responsible for delivering to the total customer experience.  Requires alignment and empowerment.
Everyone on the team is accountable for customer experience. BA, Devs, QA and Designer.
Everyone plays a part.
Everyone should and is responsible for CX
Everyone should be accountable for customer experience
Everyone should be accountable for customer experience.
Everyone should be accountable for the accountable for the customer experience. Organisational values should drive engagement and CX metrics
Everyone should be accountable to the CX.
Everyone should be aligned on the overall customer experience and then be accountable for the portions that they have impact/influence.
Everyone should be at least mindful of it, and able directly or indirectly make positive contributions to it. Accountability is collective.
Everyone should be held accountable
Everyone should be thinking how the customer journey is shaped and carried out
Everyone should be. Though, I’d like to have a team dedicated to CX.
Everyone should do everything for humans. Work mostly has a purpose which means it mostly has a target (customer) even if that is one self.
Everyone should have it embedded in mind.
Everyone should play a role in student/family experience of school.
Everyone that has a significant impact on the experience
Everyone that is building products for the end user. That includes designers, researchers, developers, product folks, marketing, support,…
Everyone whee
Everyone who has contact with customers
Everyone who touches a product that directly impacting the customer. But from different perspectives.
Everyone who works with clients + everyone who enables those who work with clients.
Everyone who’s work impacts how people access and use the product or service.
Everyone- you can have a core team to visual but all teams would be a part of the collective that creates the experience. Work together
Everyone—is this a trick question?
Everyone, all have access to metrics so they track cx performance and cx specialist so they can shift those metrics
Everyone, but especially UX and customer service
Everyone, but guided by a designated team (design, CX, or whatever other name chosen to call the team)
Everyone, but I do believe that in case there has to be a final decision around CX versus technology or business, design/CX should do it
Everyone, inasmuch as their interactions convey to our customers.
Everyone.  I’m creating an org that embraces shared values in how we collaborate.  But each person is accountable for their depth of SME.
Everyone. Although we need to respect each others different points of view.
Everyone. As a system, if a customer is un/happy we should feel it. Accountability is key.
Everyone. Even the employees who do not interface with the customer have an indirect impact on the experience.
Everyone. It needs backing from the CEO that we are customer focused, but we need agents in the company to make everuone a CX star.
Everyone. The org structure for CX Design, which is what it is, is unique to each org.
Everyone. The way the company works interact with itself reflects directly to the quality of the product, therefor, the customer experience.
Everyone. Trite, but true. It’s everyone’s job to care about value, not to promote their specialty myopically.
Everyone. We are small and all of us have impact on the quality of our customers’ interactions w/our product, service, or brand.
Exec team and all VP or SVP level leadership.
Executive leadership needs to be accountable across the org
Experience designers
Experience owners throughout the business
experience strategists
Facilitate by experience designer but everyone in the team should keep CX in mind.
For smaller organisations which can still provide a quality service it must be shared across the team
Front stage, on stage and backstage operations have to work in coordination to support the best CX.
Head of Design
Head of Design
Head of Design
Head of Experience Strategy & Design
Head or design
Honestly it should be everyone’s job
I believe design + marketing are the proper responsible parties for CX.
I believe everyone is accountable for providing exceptional customer experience.
i believe it has to be a collaborative concern. with squads taking accountability and designing shared strategies
I believe it should be a diverse team, where we would have different expertises, such as designers, developers, finances and mkt.
I have no idea
I lead the experience design team for my company while report into the COO. As a result accountability resides on me and up through the COO
I think a shared responsibility is the best but primary without management fully invested/accountable there will always be a struggle.
I think everyone plays a part but designers often get this task
I think it’s properly situated in our organization in a senior mgmt role reporting to the CEO, peer with CTO and CFO.
I think marketing team and HR
I think there should be a Chief Innovation Officer, someone who ultimately holds responsibility for the vision of customer experience.
I think we’re all responsible, but I do think design, marketing, and support all have a big hand. I’d like to get Engineering more involved.
I work as a consultant. I mainly work with FS clients, and Design, Innovation and Support should be accountable for CX in those org
I work in education. Marketing, sales, academic instructors, career advisors.
I would like to see a champion for customer in each department / business function reporting to a new Chief Customer Officer
I would say it has to be Design. They are the best at putting the customer or consumer at the center, aka the human first!
I’ll say almost everyone in the company is at the end responsible for that outcome.
I’m good with everyone but HR and Finance
Ideally everyone in EPD + the customer facing team
Ideally the cross product vision and strategy should be signaled from top down and the product groups signal customer needs upward.
Ideally the customer is responsible for customer experience when we give the customer the essential tool.
Ideally there is a CX COE/leadership to guide and govern with nearly all aspects of the organization understanding their role in the CX
Ideally, all of us. In reality, it should be someone who has a seat with the CEO should be accountable. E.g. Chief Design Officer.
Ideally, any go-to-market teams — as I work on the consulting industry, these sales teams and solutions architects should be fluent in CX
Ideally, everybody is responsible for the result; however “everybody” should be experts at what they do. CX professionals are there to guide
If a company is customer-centric then almost all capabilities are
If my organization were more than 1, then each team member should be accountable as relates to their role
If the design (UX) team had the power it should, then I think we should own the customer experience and then others implement our strategy
In a triad model, design/tech/product share the ownership of building experiences our customers value. There’s a gap with senior leadership.
in any distinct scenario or strategy, the final decision-maker.
In Higher Ed Institutions, program directors should be accountable for CX
In my activities as a freelance designer or product owner I’m the one accountable for that.
In my view that should be the head of operations, who is responsible for all delivered software.
In our case the interior designer
In our organization product, sales, marketing and support
Individuals who think like designers. Crafting ‘solutions’ around the value created for others
It should be a blend of people that contributes (Marketing, Design, Analytics, Product, ..). CX is a team effort.
It should be a collaboration of Corporate Ops, Customer Success team, and UX Design team
It should be a joint group of SME’s including design, business intelligence, analytics, marketing, strategy
It should be a mixed team of skilled people from all areas. The more diverse the better.
It should be a shared responsibility between key stakeholders: Product, Marketing, Design and Technology
It should be all of us, based on articulated common purpose
It should be an overall strategy or framework established at the company and then each project manager should implement it
It should be distributed so all teams understand their responsibility and contribution.
It should be on everyone’s mind though process structures and meeting agendas, led by CX professionals with senior exec representation
It should be understood throughout. Every specialism or area needs to question the impact on experience. It runs through all.
It should be, and definitely is, our Chief Digital Officer – incidentally, also the CEO.
It should everyone in the organisation i.e. it should not be CEO or CE department but rather this CE culture should be indoctrinated in all
It’s a combo of triad of PM/UX/Eng
It’s probably the responsibility of everyone, that’s the only we’re going to shift things as an organisation.
Jointly by the CMO + CPO
Lead Designer & Designer
Leadership across disciplines should collaborate to create an approach to holistic customer experiences.
Leadership and product
Learning & Development
Main responsibility: top leadership (SVP or VP or whatever) in design, strategy, engineering & product. Then, down on the owners of projects
Manager-level specialist with a full access to the whole team
Managers, designers and CXteam
Many departments; experience is a holistic concept but possibly felt/rationalized/measured by common parameters
Market+competitive+user research, product design and engineering
Marketing – R&D
marketing and CX teams
Marketing and design should be responsible for the fining the experience so that it can be executed by those who deal w customers
Marketing in close collaboration with sales, design, engineering, great
Marketing or Product
Marketing, design and product need to work together
Marketing, design, research and customer care
Marketing, product and design. So CMO, CIO and CEO/CPO
Marketing, research, training, service development, sales, after sales feedback, customer hotline team
Marketing/Analytics, Creative, Tech Engineers, Brand Leads
Me as the lead service designer
Most departments should be thinking about this, marketing, product, design, sales customer success etc.
Most of our organization should be accountable to our customers experiences because of all the touchpoints throughout their journey.
Multi-disciplinary teams across different capabilities and departments.
My boss, boss’s boss, and me.
Myself and the product owner
Not sure
not sure
On the daily, all of us are accountable.  For defining macro customer-centric service strategy…some of us are more capable than other.
One person operation, it’s all me
Operations—to span marketing, sales, legal, product, and delivery—or a dedicated CX team..
Operations, with the assistance of design
Operations. We provide consulting services so all the CX is put onto sales. But the real thing xperience is driven by ops.
Our customer services team to ensure the information they receive from the users and being fed to marketing/design
Our mantra is “customers first,” so in some sense everyone in the company is accountable for it. Who owns it should be customer success.
Our new chief digital customer Engagement officer and organization, in partnership with service design and product.
Our retail employees and our digital team
Our team of User Research, UX, UI and Data Visualization experts together with the product manager.
Our VP of delivery (we’re an agency)
Partners, Directors, Senior Managers
People who are working in the front lines, talking to customers, gathering unbiased feedback. This usually means design and customer support
Practically everyone (another generic answer?) but it really does cut across department boundaries
Probably a team consisting of lead designer, lead product manager and head of support, reporting to the CEO (we’re a software company)
Product & Business sectors
Product & Design
Product & design teams. Design for the why, product for the how (and why also)
Product and sales team
Product Design
Product Experience (PX) managers would be responsible for the end-to-end experience, inclusive of all touchpoint, media, and systems
Product management, engineering, UX, customer support, marketing
Product Manager
Product manager
Product manager
product manager / brand manager / customer success
Product manager, designer
product manager、designer
Product managers
Product Managers
Product or Marketing managers who are developing and maintaining propositions oriented around customer needs and journeys.
Product Owner or Sales Manager, maybe
Product owners
Product owners, Designers, Tech, Biz Ops, Sales should all be involved in any CX related conversations, each individual contributes
Product R&D
Product team and designers, and that should feed into every other department like Marketing, Support, Sales and Customer Success
product, customer success teams, sales teams
Product, Design AND Engineering
Product, research, design, engineering, sales, support, marketing
Product, they have enough data from the delivery and the sales process and align al the team with the objetives
Product, ux, leadership
Program mangers, UX designers and sales person
Project Management
Put sense in your ideas that make your brand experience unique.
Research and Design
research and design driven marketing
Research, Design and Engineering teams (with influence from Sales)
Research, Product, Design, Marketing, Support and Sales
Responsibility should be shared by all crew members, although designers usually have better cognitive and emotional tools to lead it
Retail Design manager
Run a content/commerce business. In my org it’s me (CPO), and I spend a lot of time with ops, support, and social outside of product.
Sales + Marketing + Design
Sales > Brand > Marketing > CEO and vice-versa
sales and coaches
Sales and Operations
Sales people as outcomes of customer experience work vary greatly based on how engagements are crafted at the beginning of a project.
Sales teams, Design teams, C-suite, Business folks
Sales, CS, Marketing, Design Marketing
Segment Directors
Senior Director of User Experience (and that title should be changed to CX)
Senior Leadership / C-Suite
Should be a distinct design/architect separate but accountable to eng and prod mgt.
Shouldn’t the question be who isn’t accountable?
Since we’re a small team, and the CEO is an experienced designer, it’s the CEO. So much is in the execution. Engineers have a huge role.
Sounds cheesy, but I think ideally everybody should function with CX in mind, even for engineering and sales.
Strategic Operations. Design wants to own it but usually does not have access to the numbers.
Strategy and creative department
Strategy AND Design
Strategy and those looking at the long game should have bigger input
Strategy team leads. That includes research and UX.
Strategy, Engineering, Product, and Design together
Student Experience Team BUT with input from academics, support staff…those who interact daily with students
Students and life-long-learners
Support, design, product, sales, marketing- together we cover all touchpoints which should make CX.
Support, Marketing and UX
Systemic Designer
Team managers, Chief Design Officer, Customer Experience Officer
Team of ux designer, visual designer, graphic designer, product owners, project managers, software engineers.
The backend team should be more accountable for it.
the board of directors, just like there is a CTO, there should be a CXO. it should be equal with all other business relevant diciplines
The brand strategy group
The business units, product and design team.
The CEO and all who are responsible for consumer facing channels: website, app, product, service, ….action, interaction, and response.
The CEO and the entire organization should be built around Customer experience. In my case it is.
The CEO, but anyone in the team
The CEO, COO (We are an field service provider – operations face most of our B2E customers)
The CEO, Design Team and Marketing
The Chief Brand Officer
the client interaction/relationship designer, the customer and tech support team, including team leads, training dept, the agents themselves
The combined team of experts in digital product and service strategy, design, and user experience
the consultants, the presales guy and the account exec
The customer and user who works with those solutions.
The customer support/operations team has a very important role in customer experience, but now should be assisted by the product team.
The Cx team are the owners, designers and stewards
The day to day contact account executives
The design department should own and be accountable for customer experience, referring both to our own customers as well as final users.
The Design Lead, hopefully with the highest possible degree in HCI such as PhD or Post Doc.
The design team and engineering in harmony.
The design team and the product owners ( at least them have to be sensible & aware about it)
The design teams (Ops) + the customer office (Marketing) team should be accountable for the CX, facilitating the process for the rest
The digital + data team + product, working closely with the sales force who is closest to our users
The director of design reports directly to the Chief Product Officer, she also works closely with the CTO, and the VP of Strategy & Biz Dev
the director or project manager
The entire company – every single employee should always ask himself how his work might effect the customer’s experience.
The entire company.
The entire design and marketing team.
The entire management dept, Pre-sales, marketing and design dept
the entire team
The experience design team should be more responsible–dynamics of prod/engin have XD largely delivering on asks.
The founder, the developers, the copywriters, the strategists, the visual and UX designers
The general manager for our clients, the designers and strategists for our projects (I am working in a digital agency)
The head of the cross-functional division
The holder of each relationship.
The idea of “customer experience” needs to be unpacked into component parts that various leaders in the org should be accountable for it.
the leader of working group regarding CX
The Managing Partners
the marketing department, but preferably a separate CX department
The ones facing customer interaction with our services. Sales, Customer Support. Internally, Engineering, Design and Research team.
The ones who create the organizational culture
the operation
The people who will directly engage with clients, including finance, researchers and designers
The person have the final say in the service or the product.
The person most focused on maximising resources for the customer.
The planning department and then creative
The product organization: POs and, since we don’t know hierarchies, the CEO/founder/main investor himself
The product team supported by product marketing and customer success
The research team.  Planning strategy of CX must be based on research and evidence.
the same
The selling team ( that needs more than sales)
The should be a CX group that oversees client experience and coordinates with and has some authority over the various groups that can effect
The strategy exec, as we need it to be a long-term commitment with clear goals and economic value.
The team that is directly or indirectly interacting with the customer – all of them are responsible for customer experience.
The teams making the experience
the ux team
The Vice Chancellors of Student Affairs and Student Administrative Services.
The VP of Design and all UX Designers
The VP of Design, Strategic Design, or Experience Design, however our ‘customers’ are clients (i.e the Managing Directors/Partners)
The VP of the IT team
The whole team everyone working on a particular project should be accountable for consumer experience
The whole team has a huge part to play in this, directly or indirectly and often people can lose sight of that.
The wider creative team, partnering with engineers, strategy and research
There exists a pretty good balance across design, research, marketing, and project management/accounts, which should continue.
There should be a CDO for that
There should be a design team, that works closely with all other departments. The problem is to be taken seriously.
There should be an integration of Ux research, Product, Design and Marketing, not yet  fruitful  in our org due to silo views.
There should be responsibility at different levels, from the direct execution to the design of the strategy, to the mandate of CX
Those functions closest to the customer – Sales, primarily.
those who manage individual risk decisions related to clients
To be in touch with costumers, and lead them
To me it all starts with strategy. If Customer Experience is not considered during the strategy phase – the following phases will suffer.
Today, it tends to be who can do the counting. Often this only counts the last touch.. Focus on who can increase the most important touches.
Top down from the executive team. Bottom up from support, product, tech and design.
Tricky- private school is a weird place. future selves of students?
Until recently “Product” was COO + designer, now a prod manager
User Experience
UX Department
UX Designers, Service designers, UX researchers
UX team
UX team (design, copy, and research)
Various stakeholder should be accountable. I would say mostly Product team and ideally designers working alongside them.
VP of Brand
VP/Director of Product and/or Design, depending on org chart
We all are „managing designers“, responsible for ux/ui, customer relations, project management, etc.
We all are. We’re working on the brand experience/cx/ux of our clients every day + trying to be there even after the actual job is done.
We all need to play a part in it.
We ALL should be accountable, recognising that CX is the sum total of a range of interactions/touch points, both human and machine
We are a CX consultancy so… pretty much everyone on projects, delivery responsibles…
We are a design firm and most work we create is around enhancing CX.
We are a startup. Ideally each of us.
We are a two partner team and we both focus on CX.
We are an educational institutions, so should be faculty
We don’t actually have a “product” team (instead it’s research), but we should
We have a CXO + CDO but really it’s Different people at different times along the customer journey. Whoever claims it, usually project lead.
We have a newly names “Delivery Manager” who heads up Project Management, sits at intersection between client and product/service delivery.
We have an Customer Experience Area.
We have an Experience team that consist of a) design b) support c) comms/PR/marketing
We think everyone is accountable as a designer of everyone’s experience
We work cross-skill with techies, analysts, UX-designers etc and I think everyone sees their responsibility for the customer experience.
We’re all in this together.
We’re all accountable for CX is some form
Well, now engineering because it’s mostly defined by our saas product
Who ever is ultimately responsible for customer satisfaction and sales.
Whoever has the mindset and skills to coordinate across the business
Whoever is responsible for culture
Whoever needs to impact the experience best for clients
Youth staff and not the CEO

“I’m more of a product or businessperson”

“Product”. But functional roles are shifting beneath our feet . Besides JTBD, customers now choose based on experience, affinity & values.
(I’m Freelance strategist) The clients CMO. They sign off and see all touchpoints should align to the core CX vision
A “Navy Seals” type unit of operations lead manager, sales team manager, and the lead executive
A customer care team.
A customer experience office, seperate to IT, Marketing and HR
A shared collaborative accountability between design, business and product.
all 3 as we all have customer contact – not related to title but to the activity you do
All c-level
All departments
All departments
All functions are responsible in some way
All of us
All partners
all parts of the organization
All school staff  especially principals, administrators, teachers and not least students and parents.
All the person in the organization, or at least one team member of each department.
Any role that interacts with a customer, or supports those who do.
Any touchpoint with the customer is an opportunity to extend itself into CE. Everything from the ground up should be built with CE in mind.
Anyone that has any contact with the customer should own the experience they have with the brand/company
Anyone who actually communicates one on one with customers. If managers don’t talk to customers they don’t know anything.
Anyone who interfaces with a customer, creates something that a human will use.
Attribution models on CX are not strong enough for anyone but the CEO to truly own this
Business owners and their design teams
CEO & “everyone” (which of course then means no one). Mixture of Product, Design, Marketing & Customer Care.
CEO and all co-founders
CEO and all the directors and project leaders.
CEO yes, but we must all be accountable for CX, every day, every moment.
Chief Digital Officer, Head of Innovation, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Customer Officer
Chief experience officer or chief customer officer
Chief Strategy Officer
Client Service Professionals (we’re a Professional Services firm)
CMO, program manager, design head, CEO, CFO, COO, CSO
CMO, the central marketing team designs the Criteria for a unique brand experience
creative director
Cross-functional Product Teams
Cross-functional team who are assigned to be responsible for specific projects
Customer experience should be the backbone of every organisation and every department should contribute to it along the way.
Customer Experience team.
Customer success and Business Development
Customer success manager from a support perspective. Product manager from a product perspective.
CX in a mission statement and is a premisse for every step of our people and departments. Excellence is our journey.
CX is the sum total of every interaction with the organisation and how this is perceived relative to their expectation. So in short-everyone
CX should be managed at the CxO level, independent from other Business Units but still have a end2end view and power to push things through.
CX Team, Leadership Team
CXO – Chief Experience Officer   One of our 3 cofounders leads this role.
design team
Designers with eco system mind, includes people, living things and environment.
Every employee
Every employee if or if not they interact with the client base.
Everybody. Tech and business teams
Everyone – we are all in some way orchestrating a service that meets customer needs.
Everyone in a cross discipline collaborative approach.  You still want some one leading key metrics, but everyone plays a role
Everyone in an organization should be accountable.  The CEO should drive it
Everyone in the company should be responsible of the customer. The customer should be at the center of every customer.
Everyone in the organisation
Everyone in the organisation at all levels should be accountable for our customers relation to our company and mission, even finance.
Everyone in the organization has some, even if small, impact on customer experience.
Everyone in the organization must think about the customer, and their needs, I believe we all must together anticipate our customers needs
Everyone in the organization, taking the lead from management, marketing and brand
Everyone is accountable because unlike brand, experience is comprehensive.
Everyone should be accountable in a decreasing manner starting from the CEO.
Everyone that is touching the customer
Everyone, but as software engineers are all are on point for the customer experience.
Everyone, but mainly product design
Everyone, CX goals is not possible without full collaboration and while combining UX as well as Service Design.
Everyone, we only exist to provide something that is served through an experience.
Everyone. If everyone cares about delivering a great experience, the company wins.
Everyone… but that’s such a pipe dream. A small team with CX in the name, reporting into CEO, should work across all departments.
For IT B2B consulting, definetely the product / service owner
Front line sales, customer service as well as marketing .
Gerente de Clientes
Great customer experience should start with strategic service design
Head of CX
Head of Design is Chief Advocate for customers, Chief Strategist for longer-term experience arcs, Chief Architect for holistic solutions
I believe a good Customer Experience comes from the culture of the company. Mainly the CEO and the Board. But designers should drive it.
I run a 3 person org and I am an owner/operator.  So this falls in my lap.
I think anyone who is creating something (program, process, product) that faces the customer.
I think it must be the client service team that is in direct contact with the user, feeding the other teams.
I work at a University. And I believe the owner of cx needs to be balanced between the Prof and a univ wide cx team. brand guidelines needed
I work in tech, so I think the ones I selected capture it
Ideally every single member of the team , but given how elusive “idea” is, every person who can draw a 0, 1 or 2 hop “line to the customer”.
Ideally it’s everyone who has a touch point with the consumer from social and their posts to sales and partners.
if the customer is our client, then it’s everyone. if the customer is our clients’ clients then it’s design and copywriting
Implementation and customer management services
In an organisation, all employees should have that sense of responsibility toward customer exp. by getting categorised under RACI like matrx
In short – everyone. But primary responsibility is with whoever is in contact with the customer
It is a cross functional responsivility, everyone play a role in making Customer have a great experience with the company
It should be a team effort, while UX should advocate for end-customers, engineering and product team needs to work with UX in close tandem.
It should belong to a centralized, cross-functional, governance or steering committee that represents all customer touchpoints
It’s important for the product manager to instill a sense of ownership with everyone.
Job accounts project managers
Marketing team
Marketing with firm support from CEO, we need companies to elevate the importance of CX and the holistic CX
Marketing with firm support from the CEO and leadership
Marketing, Design, HR, Strategy, Business Dev, Prodcution
Marketing, Sales & Design
Marketing, Sales, Service
Me – head of design and experiences who posses a product, marketing, sales mindset.
My org is a consultancy, so truly everyone should have CX awareness and responsibility – sales, HR, and of course consultants
n.a. (CX ist essential part of my work/offer)
Our account management team and all front line service staff
Personnel in all departments of the organization with direct contact.
Product and Customer Support
Product Management
Product management team
Product Manager
Product manager and marketing
product owners
Product should be responsible. And, in my view, product consist of Product Managers, Product Designers and UseExperience Researchers.
Product Team
Product, engineering, and leadership.
Research, Design, Marketing, Sales, Service – all customer facing functions
Sales and marketing are who must be interested. Operations are who will do the most of the work in fact.
Service design & Proposition Designers to conceptualize, with a solid feedback loop from frontline Customer Care.
Someone between Product, Tech, Design, Marketing and Business(sales, partnerships, events)
Someone empowered to understand, codify and champion the perfect CX and steward development of that experience through the org
Someone that, at the moment, is not working in our company.
Someone who can actually represent the customer and not our clients (who buy on behalf of the customer)
the Board
the CEO
the CEO
The CEO and all stakeholders who are part of product / service delivery
The CEO and founder which is a visionary, the data scientists and UX/UI developers that make ideas real and the sales people
The CEO or a new role called Chief eXperience Officer
The design and research director along side with the product director.
The designer and the product manager
The entire product team from strategy to dev
The globala management team.
The leadership team in conversation with the product/research team.
The people who conceptualize, deliver and bill the customer. It’s a whole experience, so we do not break it into silos.
The product and engineering teams
The product manager while taking ownership of the product design outcomes collaborating with UX and OPS team!
The product team
the trainer delivering face to face
the user
The whole organization! It’s a shared responsibility from end to end.
There is no perfect owner under traditional corporations, but one new C-level for CX, and with properly allocated budget.
There should be a Chief Experience Office or Chief Product Officer
There should be a point person, the conductor, dealing with all the various moving pieces. Everyone is responsible, but no one is sharing.
Those who will interface with customers or designing the processes that related to customers
Ultimately it’s the ceo (me) who is customer facing and in sales.
Using OKR we are working towards making all the team members accountable
We are building new online solutions, we do not have any person dedicated to Customer Experience, but Service/ Sales
We are small, so everyone is accountable for it
We should all be accountable: from product dev, support, sales, marketing…
We’ve got a Department called “Customer Department” that take care about CIS and CRM
While the effort is still nascent the Chief Product Officer is leading the charge with the mandate from the CEO
Who’s in charge of “quality”? Everybody, like with CX: interfacing along the journey  or building services, products, tools & systems.

“I’m more of an engineer or technologist”

A Role by itself
A service design role inside autonomous, cross-functional scrum teams.
Account Managers, Digital Designers, Front end Developers, UXers
Accountability should be with the product owners, with design being responsible for x-product experiences.
All board members should be accountable for the customer experience and have directly OKRs on their objectives.
ALL c level, all customer facing.
All customer-facing teams
all fellow who take part with the production.
all persons and groups that design, develop, implement and operate any customer facing function
all stakeholder
Basically everyone who is someway involved in making the deliverable
Brand marketing engineering c-level
Bring our vision to be a consumer centric organization. The strategy, design and management team all should own their part.
CEO, CMO (marketing), CCO (creative – focus on design)
Chief Customer Officer
cmo cxo
Customer experience design experts that breathe the company vision and are tech-savvy enough to know what is possible.
Customer experience is a responsibility for the whole organisation, but ideally Head of Design
Customer Experience specialists
Customer Support and Product they have the top down and bottom up views
Design Principal
Design team
Designer  and engineer
Designers + engineers
Effectively, everyone but approach, guidance and review is owned by our Design Capability and therefore CDO
Every Individual – customer experience (value) should be part of organization culture then only we can deliver a great customer experience.
Every researcher has to be accountable since we are clinical medical researchers.
Everybody in the organization is responsible to improve the customer experience as we are a multichannel retailer.
Everybody in the organization should be accountable for customer experience.
Everyone part of a project
Everyone,  in their capacities. However Engineering and Design team need to collaborate to create enhanced customer experience
Everyone. A majority of our indicators approaches aspects of customer experience from different dimensions/perspectives.
Everyone. Even department that is not customer facing. Ensuring everyone within the organization can do the job will eventually help custome
Everyone. It is a bait and switch…an experiential cliff.
Everyone. Sounds like a cop-out, i know. At least “all leadship”
Hard to say, but distributed accountability for CX on project teams with director level oversight
Head of Product
Head of product: what are we making, for whom, and why?
In our case, customer experience should be accountable to every person that has direct contact with the client,
It should be a team effort between the those who sell the product, those who use the product and those who code the product.
Marketing and Support
Me, the founder
my manager
Myself, as the founder
Product & Engineering
Product and sales should work together to produce a modern customer experience
Product Owners
Responsibility should be spread amongst the different functions with a clear goal.
Sales director, marketing director
Sales, Design and Delivery teams. In IT services, our CX needs to also account for the CX our customers need to provide their own customers
Same group that is in charge of employee and partners and other relationships.
Shared between UX, design, engineering, product owners
Technology organization who is responsible for delivering modern tools with capabilities for customers enabling good customer experience
The Business Analysts and the Human Resources departments are responsible for the general customer experience.
The CEO and the VP of Product should be the main ones but the every member should be customer oriented and contribute bottom up.
The CMO and the CIO/CISO should hold joint responsibility for CX.ibility
The Life Coach
the president of strategy section
The Product team
there isn’t a Chief Design officer role but in a cross-functional, highly collaborative env maybe a Product-Experience unicorn owns this
UX researchers, UX designers
UX team
We have a Chief Customer Experience Officer, which is a new title that was created a year ago. Role is evolving