Shortform: The 2020 CX Report

The CX Report gathers trends on how business happens in the computational era by examining the tech stacks for marketing and products in the context of digital transformation.

2020 CX Report in 13½ Minutes
This version is a super-condensed summary of the CX Report. You can watch the 82-minute extended version delivered LIVE over here.
  • The Internet has become exactly what Bowie predicted in 1999.
  • Computational thinking is the new systems thinking for business.
  • Digital marketing loops spin way faster than digital product loops can spin.
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution has invisible smoke stacks everywhere.
  • Silicon Valley is people and not just robots. We tire. Machines don’t.
  • Nobody’s in charge of customer experience because everyone is.
  • Your Employee Experience (EX) is what makes your CX human. Literally.
  • What’s experience? It’s a try-out, an experiment, and it can be perilous.
  • If we all speak machine, then we can all avoid Big Tech’s blunders.
  • Computational experiences are made by those who know how to speak machine.

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