CX versus UX via Jared Spool

Design guru Jared Spool has an excellent post on the subject of the difference between CX (Customer Experience) and UX (User Experience) over here. He argues along the same lines as I’ve ascertained (Jared’s always a few years ahead of me!!!) that the root discipline of Marketing owns CX and traditionally advocated on behalf of “the voice of the customer”; whereas the technology industry gave rise to its own human-centered take as “UX” — originally grounded in making computers “user friendly” and then later segued into making “computational products valuable” to more kinds of users beyond just techies.

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Is the X of CX = “Customer Expectation” instead of Customer Experience?

I had a convo with an incredible CMO today about the difference between delight and effort, and she rephrased it as the difference between “experience” and “expectation.” A customer expects the effort to be low — as tablestakes. In that case, the customer equates this with the “design.”

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Lowered Effort Is More Important Than Heightened Delight

Reading this HBR article by Matthew Dixon, Karen Freeman, Nicholas Toman (2010) was a super helpful reframing of a lot of narratives I’ve been wondering about …

The authors argue that to make your customer delighted is too abstract of a goal, and it’s better to simply measure the amount of effort they’re applying to exact an outcome. It’s totally pragmatic. I love it.

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